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- Chauvinistic Pig - - Jennifer - 9/20/2016 - comment
Long story short (and it was long because it takes this man about 6 attempts to get one full sentence out), I told him that our office manager handles our hiring and he replied that there is no way an office manager handles our hiring, she is nothing more than a secretary. He wanted to talk to the person who directly reports to the man in charge. He's a rude and gruff old man and I can't believe he's in a business where he actually has to interact with people.

- QbymxlLDEwzaO - - CdzPUdydMYsotC - 5/5/2013 - comment
Modest Recovery? What planet is he lnivig on? I don't know a single person who believes that the US is in anything but a severe recession. And from what I read, the rest of the world is pretty much in the same boat.

- HR Recuiter - - - 8/9/2012 - comment
Nocek is the most unethical recuiter I have ever come across. After discussions with Tim Nocek regarding a recuiting assignment, our company decided not to hire him. When we told him we were going in a differnt direction he told me F--k you. Thereafter he contacted the person in the position that we were recuiting for and told them they were to be replaced and tried to sell his services to them. Beware of this dirtbag, don't even talk to this guy or give him any information.

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